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❔ John the baptist ate?

According to the Gospel of Matthew, John ate locusts and wild honey in the wilderness.

❔ What did john baptist do?

babtise jesus

❔ Was john the baptist jewish?

Yes, John the Baptist was Jewish. He was Jesus cousin. They were both Jewish.

❔ Who murdered john the baptist?

In The Antiquities of the Jews (Book 18:116-19), Josephus confirmed that Herod Antipas “slew” John the Baptist after imprisoning him at Machaerus, because he feared John's influence might enable him to start a rebellion.

❔ Can baptist ministers give communion?

Communion or the Lord's Supper is a sacrament of the church and each church has its own guidelines for who can administer the Lord's Supper.At my baptist church any ordained lay or clergy can give the communion.

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Video answer: "the big story" - week 8 - john the baptist | god prepares [video 1 of 2]

"the big story" - week 8 - john the baptist | god prepares [video 1 of 2]

Video answer: Matthew: come meet the king: fearing men, forsaking jesus! (matthew 14:1-12)

Matthew: come meet the king: fearing men, forsaking jesus! (matthew 14:1-12)

Video answer: John, the baptist was a witness (moon, ideal rabbi matt 13v52) to the light (sun) but not the light.

John, the baptist was a witness (moon, ideal rabbi matt 13v52) to the light (sun) but not the light.

Video answer: Jesus resurrection appearances

Jesus resurrection appearances

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What did st. john the baptist do?

John the Baptist was given the special assignment to be, what is referred to as "The Forerunner". He was ordained to the priesthood at the age of eight years of age. His responsibility was to go to all the people and preach of Jesus Christ, that He would soon come among His people to preach His gospel. That He would be the long awaited messiah. John baptised Christ in the River Jordan,later he would be beheaded at the whim of the daughter of an unrighteous ruler. Christ referred to John as the greatest of all men because of his faith.

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Did john the baptist wrote a gospel?

Is the Gospel of John written by John?

  • In none of the NT epistles credited to John does the author identify himself. But, there is so great a similarity between the first epistle and the Gospel of John that most Bible scholars admit the common authorship of the two works. And a similar relationship ties the first epistle with the second and the second with the third.

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Who was the first black baptist pastor?

On January 20, 1788, at a local barn, First African Baptist Church was recognized officially by the Rev. Abraham Marshall. Andrew Bryan was appointed preacher and sixty-seven people joined the church. By 1794 the congregation was able to erect its first structure, which they named Bryan Street African Baptist Church.

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What is the first black baptist church?

The First African Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia began in 1777. This is said to be the oldest Black church in North America. Originally called the First Colored Church the pastoral life of George Leile's preaching is tied to its beginning.

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When did john the baptist start preaching?

when he was 30 yrs old

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How did baptist denomination come to australia?

how did baptist denomination come australia

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When was second baptist church houston created?

Second Baptist Church Houston was created in 1927.

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Which gospel starts with john the baptist?

The Gospel of Mark introduces John as a fulfillment of a prophecy from the Book of Isaiah (in fact, a conflation of texts from Isaiah, Malachi and Exodus) about a messenger being sent ahead, and a voice crying out in the wilderness. John is described as wearing clothes of camel's hair, living on locusts and wild honey.The Gospel of Mark introduces John as a fulfillment of a prophecy from the Book of Isaiah
Book of Isaiah
Overview. Isaiah is focused on the main role of Jerusalem in God's plan for the world, seeing centuries of history as though they were all the single vision of the 8th-century prophet Isaiah. › wiki › Book_of_Isaiah
(in fact, a conflation of texts from Isaiah, Malachi and Exodus) about a messenger being sent ahead, and a voice crying out in the wilderness. John is described as wearing clothes of camel's hair, living on locusts and wild honey.

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What was john the baptist real name?

There was no John the baptist an there was no Jesus.

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How did jesus meet john the baptist?

He met him when he went to, John to be baptize

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Does mark's gospel mention john the baptist?

John the Baptist is mentioned in all four canonical Gospels and the non-canonical Gospel of the Nazarenes. The Synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke) describe John baptising Jesus; in the Gospel of John this is implied in John 1:32.

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Why did jesus need john the baptist?

  • John prepared the way for Christ by calling people to acknowledge their sin and their need for salvation. His baptism was a purification ceremony meant to ready the peoples’ hearts to receive their Savior.

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What gospel did john the baptist preach?

John taught the basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He taught the people about justice, mercy, honesty, morality, fasting, prayer, repentance and confession of sins, baptism by immersion, resurrection, and the Judgment (see Matthew 3; Luke 3).

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Was john the baptist envious of jesus?

AnswerThe gospel accounts say that John the Baptist was in no way envious of Jesus. His statement that he was not fit to untie the shoelaces of the one who would come, attests to that.Of course, it may be that John did not intend to herald the coming of Jesus, and that he had really founded a sect that was in competition with the Christians. If so, it would have been in the interests of the gospel authors to write a story that John was fervently awaiting Jesus and that he enthusiastically supported the Christian movement. The present-day Mandaeans say that John the Baptist founded their religion.

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Which gospel stars with john the baptist?

Who was John the Baptist in the Gospels?

  • Apart from Jesus Christ, John the Baptist is probably the most theologically significant figure in the Gospels. As was the case with Jesus, his birth was meticulously recorded ( Luke 1:5-25 ).

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How did john the baptist follow jesus?

John the Baptist did not "follow" Jesus in any normal sense of the word. John preceded Jesus and preached a message of repentance and announced the coming of the Messiah.

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Was john the baptist upset with jesus?


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What was john the baptist to jesus?

John the baptist was his cousin. Although there was an other John people think he is the cousin of Jesus but he was not, but he was a deciple.

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Whose path was john the baptist preparing?

John the baptist was preparing the way for Jesus christ.

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Why didn't jesus help john the baptist?

Jesus didn't help John the Baptist because it was meant for him to killed when he was killed. God had his reason for allowing John the Baptist to die, but he did not express that reason in the Bible.

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Which gospel talks about john the baptist?

All the New Testament gospels talk about John the Baptist. The original account in Mark's Gospel is fairly terse, running to just 10 verses, including the baptism of Jesus. As we now know, this was copied and elaborated by the authors of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. John's Gospel once again abbreviates the account, altogether omitting the baptism of Jesus except in retrospect, but making Andrew a disciple of John.

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Can jehovah witness attend the baptist church?

As an individual, a JW can attend any church they like. The JW might want to be aware though that the Baptist church generally views the JW church as a cult, not a true religion, and conflict could arise.

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Why did john the baptist write the gospel?

  • John wrote his gospel to convince people that Jesus is the Messiah, but his gospel also strengthens the faith of those who already know that Jesus is the Messiah. We read and study John—and the rest of the Bible—all the days of our lives so that we will be kept in the faith and become more confident that we have found the very truth of God.

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Was mary magdalene related to john the baptist?

No, Mary Magdalene was not related to John the Baptist. However, the Blessed Virgin Mary was related to John.

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Why did john the baptist baptize jesus christ?

Another answer from our community:Jesus wanted to be baptized so that He could be an example to us that we should be baptized.Matthew 3:13-15 "Then Jesus arrived from Galilee at the Jordan coming to John, to be baptized by him. But John tried to prevent Him, saying, "I have need to be baptized by You, and do You come to me?" But Jesus answering said to him, "Permit it at this time; for in this way it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness." Then he permitted Him."

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What river was john the baptist baptized in?

we don,t know do we the bible don,t tell us does it /,

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Who is the founder of lakewood baptist church?

  • Lakewood Church, originally called "Lakewood Baptist Church", was founded by John Osteen and his second wife, Dolores (Dodie) on Mother's Day, May 10, 1959, inside an abandoned feed store in northeast Houston. John was a Southern Baptist minister, but after experiencing baptism in the Holy Spirit, he founded Lakewood as a church...

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Did jesus and john the baptist ever meet?

In the Gospel of John

John 1:35–37 narrates an encounter, between Jesus and two of his future disciples, who were then disciples of John the Baptist.

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Is the gospel project in southern baptist churches?

  • The Gospel Project® has been revised and re-released. It appears it is now being pushed in Southern Baptist churches. Here's what happened in one of those churches. The pastor expressed a strong desire for everyone in the congregation from children to adults to give The Gospel Project® a try.

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Who was john the baptist in the bible?

  • The Death of John the Baptist in the Bible. A forerunner to and relative of Jesus Christ, John was a popular preacher and center of a circle of followers in the Jordan River valley; significantly, he baptized Jesus. He holds a special place among Christian saints, being the only one besides the Virgin Mary whose birthday is celebrated by...

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How does john the baptist begin his gospel?

John the Baptist did not write a Gospel. The apostle John, writer of the gospel of John, began his gospel with these words: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.

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Why did john meyer leave bethlehem baptist church?

  • Many brought up the “untethered empathy” concept as a factor that they believe shaped leaders’ responses when confronted with claims of bullying, institutional protection, and spiritual abuse. Meyer’s exit last month followed two others’ at Bethlehem’s downtown campus.

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Why was john the baptist baptizing at aenon?

  • People kept coming and were being baptized, John was also baptizing at Aenon near Salim, because water was plentiful there, and people were coming to him and being baptized. Now John also was baptizing in Aenon near Salim, because there was much water there. They came, and were baptized.

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What was the purpose of john the baptist?

  • It is clear that John's method is selection, and his purpose is regeneration: life in the name of Jesus; real vital, exciting, compelling, fulfilling, satisfying life, what Jesus meant when he said, I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.

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What does mark say about john the baptist?

Mark tells of John the Baptist, who predicts the coming of a man more powerful than himself. After John baptizes Jesus with water, the Holy Spirit of God recognizes Jesus as his son, saying, “You are my Son, the Beloved” (1:11).

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Who was john the baptist in the gospels?

  • Apart from Jesus Christ, John the Baptist is probably the most theologically significant figure in the Gospels. As was the case with Jesus, his birth was meticulously recorded ( Luke 1:5-25 ).

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When was full gospel baptist church fellowship created?

Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship was created in 1994.

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When was pentecostal free will baptist church created?

Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church was created in 1959.

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Why is john the baptist symbol a egale?

John the Baptist has several symbols including a lamb with a cross (in John's Gospel he refers to Jesus as "the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world") and also the shell which is a symbol for baptism. The eagle is the symbol for John the Evangelist (or the Gospel of John). The symbols of the ox, the man, the lion and the eagle are found both in Revelation and in Ezekiel and gradually, over many years, became attached to the four gospelers (the ox, Luke; the lion, Mark; the man or angel, Matthew). In early manuscripts they are attached to different gospels, but for a long time, they have been fixed as above.

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When did john the baptist receive the revelation?

  • Irenaeus reports, on the basis of earlier sources, that “John received the Revelation almost in our own time, toward the end of the reign of Domitian” (Against Heresies 5.30.3). Since Domitian’s reign ended in A.D. 96, most scholars date Revelation in the mid-90s.

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When was the baptist religion banned in trinidad?

  • It has managed to fuse the spontaneity and rhythms of Africa with the restrained, traditional tenets of Christianity to produce a religion that is vibrant, expressive and dynamic. From 1917 to 1951 the Spiritual and Shouter Baptist faith was banned in Trinidad by the colonial government of the day.

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What did john the baptist do to jesus?

Baptized Him.

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Did john the baptist ever go to rome?

I don't think so soon after he baptized Jesus, John was beheaded.

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Did john the baptist ever see an angel?

It is possible that John saw the angel in the form of the dove when he baptised Jesus.

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Was john the baptist a disciple of jesus?


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What did john the baptist say about jesus?

  • John emphasized Jesus Christ as “the Son of God,” fully God and fully man, contrary to a false doctrine that taught the “Christ-spirit” came upon the human Jesus at His baptism and left Him at the crucifixion.

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What was the story at bethlehem baptist church?

  • Unlike other high-profile evangelical scandals and shakeups in the headlines, the story at Bethlehem is not so clear-cut. In a letter emailed to his congregation, the pastor of one of the three Bethlehem campuses referenced “nuanced and complex issues at play” in Meyer’s resignation last month.

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Who is the pastor of bethlehem baptist church?

  • T his was supposed to be a landmark year for Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, as the historic congregation, best known for John Piper’s 33-year tenure as pastor, marked its 150th anniversary. Bethlehem College and Seminary (BCS)—which grew from the church’s lay training institute to an accredited program—also has reason to celebrate.

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What makes the full gospel baptist church unique?

  • The birth of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International is in essence the story of a tremendous move of God beginning in the last decade of the twentieth century. The spiritual religious freedom that makes Full Gospel Baptist unique has impacted Christian men and women across the world.

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What does john the baptist say about baptism?

  • In all four gospels John the Baptist contrasts his own baptism with water (an outward and symbolic baptism of repentance) with an awesome heart work to be done by Jesus, which he calls the baptism in, or with, the Holy Spirit ( Matt. 3:11; Mark 1:8; Luke 3:16; John 1:33 and cf. Acts 11:16 ).

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