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❔ Is the preaching of apostle paul a duty?

  • The preaching of Apostle Paul and the crown of righteousness ‘The work of an evangelist’ is the greatest duty given by God. We can do the work even though we do not go to the church every day. Everyone can preach in his own situation-at school or at work or in any other place.

❔ What is the correct grammar - apostle paul or apostle paul?

OpinionI would say Apostle Paul wherever I use 'Apostle' as a title, in the same way as I would say Mr Smith, with 'Mr' capitalised. Less frequently, I would write 'apostle' uncapitalised if I did not intend it as a title, for example where 'apostle' is the subject of the sentence, and Paul is addressed. Use capitals to be on the safe side.

❔ Was paul the apostle marry?

No the apostle Paul did not get married.

❔ Where was apostle paul born?

The Apostle Paul was born in Tarsus.

❔ Who mentored paul the apostle?

Mentoring was a life-style for Barnabas also. Barnabas guided Paul by spending time with him and letting Paul observe him interact with new believers at Antioch (Acts 11), church leaders (Acts 13), and non-believers in their first missionary journey.

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The salvation testimony of the jewish apostle paul

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How long did apostle paul live in ephesus?

  • Paul travels to Ephesus and live there for a little more than 3 years (Acts 19:1 - 20). In late 57 A.D., an idol-making silversmith decides something must be done about the Apostle Paul.

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Why was the apostle paul an effective missionary?

Paul being a Christian was not only indwelt with the Holy Spirit but was filled with the Holy Spirit and knowing the Old Testament thoroughly he taught the Scriptures and told of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. With out this he could of not done what he done by his own power. He was God's (Jesus') apostle to the Gentiles, and he reached most of the known world at that time.

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What was the purpose of paul the apostle?

  • The Bible says that God’s purpose for Paul the Apostle from birth was to preach Christ. His mission was to bring the Gospel to the heathen. So he had a God-given purpose in the call to preach the Gospel. Paul was selected to preach, which seems to imply a calling of God.

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What is paul's gospel of the apostle paul?

  • Paul’s gospel made no distinction between Jew or Gentile. All are counted in unbelief as sinners, and are judged by God without respect of persons whether given the law or not. “In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.”

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What does paul say about the preaching of the gospel?

  • Or, more specifically, the gospel is "the gospel of the glory of Christ" ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 ). And even more wonderfully, perhaps, Paul says that the preaching of the gospel is the preaching of "the unsearchable riches of Christ" ( Ephesians 3:8 ).

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What kind of christianity did paul the apostle have?

  • Pauline Christianity or Pauline theology (also Paulism or Paulanity) is the theology and Christianity which developed from the beliefs and doctrines espoused by Paul the Apostle through his writings. Paul's beliefs were strongly rooted in the earliest Jewish Christianity, but deviated from some of this Jewish Christianity in their...

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What was the mission of saint paul the apostle?

Roman Catholic AnswerTo preach Jesus Christ and His Gospel to the Gentiles.

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Where did the apostle paul preach after jesus died?

go to church ask them not us! you idiot!

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Can you be a preacher like the apostle paul?

  • If we keep our faith only under favorable conditions and get desperate under unfavorable situations, we can’t be preachers like the Apostle Paul. In any situation, Paul accepted everything as favorable for the gospel. Through the life of Paul, let’s learn and follow his example.

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Is the apostle paul and john mark the same person?

  • If, on the other hand, these two Marks are to be identified, the fact that these epistles were written after the departure of John Mark with Barnabas in Acts must suppose some later reconciliation. But a majority of scholars, noting the close association of both Marks with Paul and Barnabas, indeed regard them as likely the same person.

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How many languages did the apostle paul speak and write?


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What is paul the apostle known for in the bible?

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus to the Gentiles. There are a couple of books in the New Testament that are essentially letters that he wrote on his travels and from prison.

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Did apostle paul write any of the chapter of proverb?

No as the book of Proverbs was written by king Solomon. Centuries before Pauls was even born.

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In what language did apostle paul write all his letters?

Thirteen epistles have been attributed to Paul, although New Testament scholars say that only seven of these are genuine. They were all written in the Greek language.

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How many times was apostle paul arrested in the bible?

  • Paul's ministry spanned thirty-five years, from his conversion in 33 A.D. to his death in 68. Surprisingly, the Bible records only three times the apostle was officially arrested.

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Did the apostle paul receive from peter and israel's apostles?

  • Galatians 1:11-18 makes it absolutely clear that the Apostle Paul did not receive from Peter and Israel’s other apostles, the doctrines he taught: “ [11] But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man. [12] For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by therevelation of Jesus Christ… [15]

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Why did apostle paul have doctrines and ethical sections in letters?

Paul wrote in letter form as they were far from him, he was also in prison when he wrote a book.

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Was paul the apostle a lay pastor or full time pastor.?

I don't believe these modern terms can be applied to Paul's role in the early church. The term "pastor" typically applies to one who ministers in a local church, either as a full-time job or "on the side" so to speak. Paul was a missionary, to use a more modern term. Paul's mission was to take the gospel to the Gentiles which put him on permanent travel. I would say that today he would be referred to more as a visiting pastor, if the term pastor is to be applied.

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When did st. paul apostle spread the gospel to non-jews?

When St. Paul spread the gospel, it was around early 40 AD. He spread the gospel around the mediterranean to places like Greece, etc. He knew he had to spread the gospel when he saw the light from heaven and heard Jesus's voice saying "saul, saul, why do you persecute me" 3 days after Jesus's death. He changed his name from saul to paul if you were wondering.

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How many books in the new testament did apostle paul write?


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When did apostle paul go to cenchrea for the first time?

  • He stays in the city for around 18 months. Paul, in late 51, is brought before Gallio (Acts 18:12 - 18) but is soon released. In early 52 he goes to Cenchrea where he takes a vow and has his head shaved.

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How many times does paul use the word apostle in his letters?

16 times.

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What books did apostle paul write and whom was it written to?

Paul wrote several letters or books, to The Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians,Hebrew, Ephesians, Galatians, Titus , timothy, Thessalonian, Philippians , Phileamen.

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Did apostle paul write the book of romans when he was in corinth?

Yes it was written from Corinth.

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Did apostle paul write any of the books of the bible which ones?

yes the book of Paul

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What did apostle paul write that began some people god has designated in the?


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What was the first city in europe to which the apostle paul carried the gospel?

i think its Philippi

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How many letters did apostle paul write and what were the names of all the letters?

Paul wrote 13 letters in the bible, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians , Collisions Titus, 1 Timothy 2 Timothy, 1 Philemon Philippians , 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians and the book of Hebrews.

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What is the preaching gospel?

Giving an interpretive answer to the truths of the Bible, namely the stories in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John relating to the teachings of Jesus.

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What is preaching the gospel?

  • 1. The first answer I shall give to the question is this: To preach the gospel is to state every doctrine contained in God's Word, and to give every truth its proper prominence.

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When did jesus begin preaching?

  • Hence, scholars estimate that Jesus began preaching and gathering followers around AD 28–29. According to the three synoptic gospels Jesus continued preaching for at least one year, and according to John the Evangelist for three years.

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Was apostle peter burned?

because he s 10 apostle

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Was apostle peter crucified?

The early church fathers say that Peter was crucified in Rome at about the same time as Paul, during Nero's reign.

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Was matthew an apostle?

Mathew was an apostle, but the author of Matthew's Gospel was not. This gospel was originally anonymous but was speculatively attributed to Matthew during the second century, possibly by Papias. New Testament scholars say that the author of Matthew could not have been an eyewitness to the events portrayed, in part because much of Matthew's Gospel is copied, almost word for word in the Greek language, from Mark's Gospel.

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Was barnabus an apostle?

  • Barnabas. Barnabas was an apostle, but not one of the original twelve. He was a colleague of Paul on his first missionary journey. He was a Levite from Cyprus , who, having sold his property, gave all his money to the apostles . Barnabas was his surname, and his original name was Joses or Joseph...

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St thomas the apostle?

St Thomas the apostle was the person mainly responsible to bring Christianity to India , in Kerala.

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When did muhammad start preaching islam?

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) began preaching in Makkah about 610 AD.

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When did prophet muhammad start preaching?

Approximately the latter part of 610 CE.

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Is preaching the gospel an ordinance?

How to teach the laws and ordinances of the church?

  • While teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ you may want to teach about the strait and narrow way and serving in the Church. Teaching two or three of the laws and ordinances as a single lesson. Teaching a single law or ordinance as a lesson. Work with members to help people you are teaching accept and begin living these laws and ordinances.

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Why preaching the gospel is important?

  • Here are seven reasons why gospel-centered preaching is necessary for the church today: 1. Gospel-centered preaching focuses on Jesus. First and foremost, gospel-centered preaching is necessary because it focuses on that which the entire Bible, as well as the universe itself, focuses on - Jesus.

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Is joel osteen preaching prosperity gospel?

  • Joel Osteen is one of the most famous preachers associated with the prosperity gospel. Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images. In the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey, which has resulted in the deaths of at...

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Difference between bible study and preaching?

Bible Study is taking in spiritual information. Preaching is giving it back out.

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Where did jesus do his preaching?

Jesus preached in a lot of places. He preached in synagogues and in open markets.

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What does preaching the gospel mean?

to try to persuade people to accept something that you believe in very strongly. They preach the gospel that inequality is neither right nor inevitable. Synonyms and related words. To persuade someone to agree with or support you.

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Should preaching be primary gospel coalition?

How does preaching help to advance the Gospel?

  • Preaching is the central and indispensable means by which God advances the Gospel and builds his church. God uses many means to convey his truth: one-on-one discipleship, group Bible study, personal example, classroom teaching, books, topical discussions, practical experiences, and the like all have their place.

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Who is the beloved apostle?

The 'disciple whom Jesus loved' appears only in the Gospel of John, and only in comparisons made with the apostle Peter. A first possibility is that the beloved disciple was a literary device used by the author to demonstrate that Peter was not the greatest of all disciples, perhaps in order to minimise what he believed to be the excessive veneration of Peter. Whenever the beloved disciple and Peter are placed in a position to be compared, the unknown disciple is always more worthy than Peter. The second-century Church Fathers were convinced that the 'disciple whom Jesus loved' was indeed a real person, and set out to establish who he could have been. They noticed that John, an important disciple in the synoptic gospels, was never mentioned in this Gospel. By a process of elimination, they had arrived at the conclusion that the beloved disciple was John, son of Zebedee. They then decided that the hitherto anonymous gospel must have been written by this disciple, John, who was too modest to use his own name in the gospel.There is no evidence that the view of the Church Fathers was correct, and modern scholars say that the Gospel could not have been written by an eyewitness to the events portrayed.

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Which apostle was a pharisee?

Paul referred to himself as being "of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the law, a Pharisee". The Bible reveals very little about Paul's family. Acts quotes Paul referring to his family by saying he was "a Pharisee, born of Pharisees".

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Where did apostle peter preach?

The apostle Paul wrote of meeting Peter in Jerusalem, where he seemed to have been a pillar of the church and an assistant to James. Peter also went to Syria. It seems unlikely that Peter would have departed far from Jerusalem, at least until the events of 66-70 CE, by which time he would have been an old man.A later Christian tradition is that Peter went to Rome to lead the church there. However, Acts of the Apostles, written around the end of the century, does not mention this. Clement of Rome, who should have known if Peter had been in Rome, wrote briefly (1 Clement) of the life of Peter but does not mention his presence in Rome.

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Was the apostle peter jewish?

Yes, Peter was a Jew.

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Who was thomas the apostle?

He was the Apostle who doubted Our Lord's Resurrection, until he touched Our Lord's Wounds. He preached the Gospel all the way out in India.

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